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    The Simplest .NET obfuscation tool. And it's free!


    An open source project backed by LeXtudio.

  • Simple but powerful

    An obfuscation tool designed for most .NET developers.

    Simple Configuration

    Hide everything private, while keep everything public. You can achieve such simply via default settings.

    Name Obfuscation

    Hide class/method/property/event names that you don't want to expose. This is irreversible.

    String Compression

    String contents can be compressed so that end users won't easily learn them. However, this is reversible by certain tools.

  • Supported Platforms

    Most of what you desire


    Windows, macOS, and Linux

    .NET Framework



    Mobile platforms


    Many platforms

  • Useful Resources

    Everything you need to master Obfuscar.

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    Source Code

    Every line is precious

    The source code of Obfuscar is available at GitHub.

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    All secrets are shared

    The documentation site provides tips and tricks.

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    Many guys contributed

    People come and go, and this project moves on.

  • Contact Us

    You can contact us by opening an issue on GitHub.